Threading pulls together two points in space by using memories as anchor points. It's fast, addictive, and damaging to the person used as an anchor.

Dee tried to quit.

F/F romance, occasional nudity, violence, addiction and profanity.
Updates once weekly.



Warnings for disregard for consent in non-sexual situations, disregard for bodily autonomy, toxic relationships, medical coercion, bad parenting shading to child abuse, transphobia, addiction issues and off-screen character death and character suicide.



Why are all of the characters in this comic women?  Why aren't there any men?

The idea for this story came out of thinking about all the things I do and don't like about second-wave feminist scifi of the 1980s and 90s where all the characters are women; I talk about this more on my tumblr sometimes.  But there is an in-world reason, although it's not particularly important to the story; the short answer for now is that there will be some cis and trans male characters and there are men in the world of Threading.

How long is the comic going to be?

I'm not sure yet!  Long-ish, but with minor story arcs completed about once every six-eight months.  Everything is plotted out and the script is written, but I tend to add more pages as I do sketches and thumbnails, so we'll see.  The comic does have a definite end, though.  

What do you use to art?

I use a Wacom Bamboo and Photoshop, plus a lot of textures I've scanned from paper or my watercolors.  A lot of my backgrounds (especially the space backgrounds) are done with this PS brush, which simulates watercolor really well if you play with the angle, scatter and transfer options.  Otherwise I just use PS's basic hard round brush.  I build my color palettes starting from a gamut mask, or else by doing some watercolors to get the colors right for the tone I want.

How do you identify? 

I'm a queer cis lady.